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6 fruits that increase sexual arousal

few people sometimes decreased sex drive, this is caused by several factors, but if you include one of them, you do not have to worry about struggling to find a cure.
you can also create your own concoction. Not having to rely on chemical drugs that may have harmful side effects, this natural herb has the ability, no less different.
you just need to frequently consume few fruits that can increase your sex drive.
1. Banana
Helps increase libido, especially in men, potassium and vitamin B it will boost the energy in the body needed to perform your sexual activity.
2. Pineapple
Especially for men, a few vitamins that is in the Pineapple improve the quantity and quality of sperm. Even some people to consume them regularly to improve the quality of sperm that are too thin.
3. Avocado
It has a high content of folic acid good for increasing your libido and the him. With potassium and vitamin B
4. Watermelon
contain sitrulin which helps improve libido

5.  Pomegranate
Fruit that is increasingly rare indeed deserves thumbs up. It was a sweet and adorable make you curious. Composed of thousands of seeds, unique aroma and flavor can be enjoyed as a 'fruit of love' you and he. Functions the same time, help increase your libido. For that the fruit is referred to as 'fruit of love'. Still curious? Why do not you try it.

6. Strawberry
Rich in zinc, sweet fruit of this one also can help increase your libido. Serve in the form of juice, or mix your salad. 

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