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Tourism in Indonesia - Bantimurung

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Bantimurung located about 45 km north of the city of Napier and 12 kilometers from the central district of Maros. The location is surrounded by beautiful scenery and cool air is easily accomplished because the public transport to and from the site is always available
Bantimurung Waterfall is a natural attractions in South Sulawesi, which is very famous and much visited by tourists, both domestic and international. This waterfall has a width of approximately 20 meters high and 15 meters. The water was crystal clear and cool off from the rock in the rapids of the year
Besides having a stunning waterfall, Waterfall Bantimurung also be a habitat for many species of rare butterflies, so the Dutch colonists once called this place as the "Kingdom of Butterfly". In fact, a British naturalist, Alfred Rassel Wallase, has lived in this area for approximately one year (1856-1857) to examine 150 species of butterflies that are categorized as rare. Until now, visitors can still see the beauty of colorful butterflies with many species flying among the flowers and shrubs that meet Bantimurung rock.
Has many tourist facilities are available in this area include Guest House, swimming pool, shelters, gates and counters, road trail, office manager, Butterfly Breeding, information center, souvenir shops, food stalls, toilet facilities, and so forth. 
Tourist activities in the region Bantimurung Waterfall can be coupled also with the search activities of the cave and enjoy the beauty of colorful butterflies  

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