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Sleep Position and Health

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Sleep habits that can affect the health and beauty to your face. If you do not want that happening should start to change the habits of your sleeping position.

Begin to sleep with their backs straight and use a pillow that is not too high. The position is considered the most perfect sleep because the body is in a position to relax. Your body is not curved so that it can interfere with heart and blood circulation.

Side sleeping position is actually not bad but you should not continue in that condition. Good on your side is skewed to the right because it is considered by doctors this position does not suppress the flow in your heart.

If you often sleep with the prone position, this is the worst position. Because it can suppress the spine curvature that causes the muscles remain tense during sleep. Also on his stomach can make your face puffy and red eyes because of chest and cardiac distress.

But avoid light because challenging sleep will make your face pucker while asleep. Do not forget to uninstall jewelry and underwear while sleeping, so that blood can circulate better and make you sleep more soundly.

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