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5 Things Important While Making Love

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1. Sensual Touches
Massage and touch the parts of your partner's body, except the genitals. Then ask him to do the same to you. The aim is that you both can feel the sensation caused by every touch that made​​. Therefore when doing this do not touch each other to penetrate. Surprise him with a spontaneous invitation to make love Do not be shy to initiate him to make love. You will feel amazed even received a greeting from him who was so enthusiastic and passionate. However, prior notice if the room you will love it is completely safe from unwanted disruption.
2. Avoid Sudden Disturbance
Remember to always lock the door of the room where you are making out. You would not want to have sex activity suddenly stopped just because the phone ringing interference. So, do not forget to turn off the phone before starting to make love for the passion you both do not go out at once because of it.
3.  Initiative
took the initiative to do 'warm-up and stimulation' of the couple. Thus the two parties will also be able to know what stimulation could make them even more excited to get laid
4. Fantasy Sex
Throughout do not hurt you, and not against the law, you both can try to realize the fantasy you want.
5. Exploration
Do not be bored trying to 'find' part of the body of your partner that is easy and sensitive to stimulation.
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